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Dental Care:

Are you brushing your pets teeth daily? We didn't think so... Bad breath in our pets is not just something to push away. Bad breath is a sign of dental decay, and at Cirby Sunrise we take dental cleanings very seriously. Our pets love dinner time, but if we fail to take care of their teeth, their favorite time of day can turn to their most painful. Our clinic is fully equipped for dental cleaning services including cleaning and polishing to create a lasting smile on your pet, and teeth extractions when necessary. Teeth can be the greatest cause of pain for your pet, and without care can sometimes be fatal; which is why we’re committed to practicing preventative care at our Veterinary Clinic.

Our vet staff are also comprehensive in skin care for your pet. If you notice an unchecked mole, dry skin, allergic reaction, or hair lose please contact our team for an appointment.

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